Today we’re going to talk about poo.

I see a lot of dogs being taken out to do their business. Dogs are funny & have kind of an amusing ritual. They sniff and sniff andsniffsniffsniffsniiiiff, and walk back and forth and zig and zag into tighter and tighter circles until YES! THIS, is the spot! Then they look rather guilty as they assume the position and do their business. Once they finish, they do that thing where they kick up the grass like a stud then run off all happy. All of this in a minute or less.

It’s a good thing humans aren’t like that. Nope, when humans go to do their business they just head for the loo…dragging along magazines, newspapers, computer devices and if they’re lucky, there is a TV in there. All of this in an hour or two or less.

Yup, it’s a good thing humans aren’t as odd with their little ritual.


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