Early Morning Wake Up

It snowed over the weekend but due to the high winds, there was only about 1/4″ on the sidewalks as the rest of the snowfall probably blew into Kansas.

This morning the people of The Village of the Damned were treated to an early wake-up call. Not me of course, I never sleep. The maintenance gnomes were on it & out there with snow blowers, on a 1/4″ of snow.

Now, Mrs¬†Kravitz is from Hawaii and doesn’t know a lot about snow blowers but, don’t they have blades or something on them to help churn the snow up into the blower part so that it can then be efficiently moved from the ground and up onto nearby parked cars?

The early morning quiet was broken by the blower motor sound combined with steel blades re-grading the barely snow covered sidewalks. This probably greatly disturbed those tenants sleeping in after their Oscars party over in the clubhouse last night. At the party they probably served a variety of fancy martinis. They didn’t invite Mrs Kravitz. Mrs Kravitz likes fancy martinis.


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