You Have What for Brains?

I watched a boy-racer car zip into the parking lot and come to a screeching halt. It had heavily tinted windows so I could not see the occupants. The car floored it to turn around and left the parking lot in a rush of screeching tires.

A short time later the same car returned and came to a jolting halt in front of the clubhouse, its tires bouncing off the curb.

A young couple got out of the car and didn’t seem to acknowledge each other. They were dressed in workout apparel, I think, who knows for sure since it’s a style option to go places in pajama bottoms. The couple entered the clubhouse.

A short time later the young man emerged from the building and strode almost angrily to his car. He fired up the engine and pulled out of the parking space quickly then slammed on the brakes. Just as I was wondering where the young woman is, she too emerged from the building and headed towards the car. As her hand touched the door handle, Mr Aggression gave it some gas and then slammed on the brakes causing the woman to try to chase the door handle. He does this a few more times to apparently make some point.

The woman finally managed to get the door open and put a foot up to get in and Mr $%!# accelerated again causing the woman to hop alongside the car. He finally stops and she gets in.

To the testosterone-filled young man so full of yourself, you may or may not have been engaging in a little horse play. Perhaps you were arguing and now were trying to make some sort of ridiculously boneheaded show of who is in charge. Either way, you looked to be a jerk. I don’t know if she’s your sister, your cousin, your girlfriend or your wife. She is a human being and deserves respect and caring.

You seriously need to take a moment and think about your lack of consideration, thought and judgement. If she had fallen and you dragged her or ran over her, “I’m sorry” would be pretty lame. Mrs Kravitz would have been the first person stepping up as a witness to vehicular assault.



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