Why You Should Tread Lightly

The inmates were restless and tempers flared last night In The Village of the Damned. I heard pounding on the walls and I couldn’t tell if the sound was coming from directly next door or if it came from the apartment below them. I went back to idly flipping through the channels trying to find a decent show to watch on a Tuesday night.

After a bit more pounding, I heard the door to the unit next to me fly open and the man and woman ran down the stairs. They pounded on the door below. That door flew open and the man there came snarling out of his apartment with what I imagined a face like Cujo. From the sound of things I wouldn’t have been surprised if teeth were bared and spit was flying. In the manner expected of neighbors working out a dispute, they screamed and hurled insults at each other.

The new neighbors in the unit next door to mine apparently walk like gorillas in an American Tourister commercial. They moved in about a month ago and all I know of the couple is that they slam doors like a 7 year old released from chores  and heading out to play on a summer day.

Apparently living under them is like living under Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance troupe. It seems a whole lot of anger has built up in the past month.

I muted my TV to better hear because this was better than an episode of Cops.

Just as I was trying to decide whether to duck and cover under the bed with my cat, or making a bowl of popcorn and taking up residence on the landing to see how this played out, the incident ended.


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