Dig Before You Call?

As many of you know, I moved into a new home in the last few months and out of The Village of the Damned.

It’s been quiet here at the new place. Not a lot to report on but luckily before I could become too complacent, the vacant lot next to me sold. A house will be built! New neighbors inches from my window! I have seen the new owner walking his lot. I’ve admired his plaid Bermuda shorts. I’ve watched him looking over his house plans as he spreads them over the hood of his big manly pickup truck. Let the building begin!

Not to be judgmental, but yesterday Einstein, the new homebuilder, shows up with someone with a backhoe. The digging commences. I’m watching this thinking wait, isn’t it the law to call the utility folks before you dig and have those underground lines marked?

Einstein goes away and the worker continues his work. A bit later Backhoe Bob stops digging, peers into the hole & gets on his cell phone. Not too long later Einstein shows up. They both peer into the hole. It’s possible they were looking at the good folks in China. It was decided that covering the hole and taking their toys & going away was the thing to do.

This morning I see people from utility companies out there with their detectors marking stuff. I am glad. Aside from being a law abiding citizen, Mrs Kravitz would have been pretty grumpy if her cable service had been knocked out and she had to miss an episode of Judge Judy.


4 thoughts on “Dig Before You Call?

  1. Ah … been there before … with our own builders working on our home addition. I had vibes there would be trouble when they arrived. We even had all utility lines marked with cute little red flags. But – workers dug anyway – ignoring the placement of the flags – – and out went our cable (and internet, too!). I confronted them — they denied it, with guilty looks and shovels in hand. They fessed up when I told them Time Warner was on their way.

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