Current Resident

I made the trek to the mail house to see what the postal service has brought me. Normally it’s junk mail for Current Resident. I may change my name to that. It’s kind of catchy. Continue reading


Not a Solitary Man

The red sports car driving young man with bed head hair, did not come home last night.

Friday seems to be his day off from what I’ve observed. I’ve also observed that he brings home a lot of fast food bags.

He’s quite the solitary fellow. I’ve never seen him with anyone. Until yesterday. Yesterday he was in the company of a young woman. The two got into his 2-seater red sports car & drove away. And, he didn’t come home last night.

I’m sure he’s in a McDonald’s food coma somewhere and feeling much too bloated to have made it home. Yup, I’m sure that’s it.

Status: Normal

Looking out the window, all seems right in The Village.

– Beautiful sunrise and clear skies, check.
– Buzz enjoying his morning stroll, check.
– Man sneaking a smoke by the mail house, check.
– Jeep parked in the handicapped spot without proper placard, check.
– Self-walking dog, check.

And so another day begins.

Peeping Me

I went for a walk around the complex at lunch for a change of pace & a bit of fresh air.

I feel kind of bad for some of the units on the first floor whose windows are right there along a public access way. My window is right there at a sidewalk too but luckily most passersby are busy looking in the ground floor unit.

To the old guy in the ground floor apartment, sorry but I didn’t mean to seem to stare at you. The vision of you standing against the window with your hands on your hips wearing only your underwear was quite eye-catching. Like a train wreck, I couldn’t pull my eyes away as I scurried past. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer to find out what you planned to say as you opened the window…..but…..have a nice day and hey, were you at the pool yesterday?


There is a man reclining in a lounge chair out at the pool. We’ll just refer to him as Mr Speedo, shall we?. Bless his heart for letting all of his flabby white glory shine while he soaks in the rays and sips an icy beverage. HOWEVER, my eyes my eyes!

Not to mention it’s 47 degrees out.

The Old Dog

There is a middle-aged lady in a nearby apartment who has a very dignified black Lab. The woman always starts & ends each day by taking the dog on a long walk around the perimeter of the apartment complex. This lady and her dog move as one, calmly & methodically on their daily routine & are a pleasure to watch.

She takes such tender care of that dog & seems to try to take it everywhere with her. If she does need to be gone for any length of time, she comes home every few hours to take the dog out.

I hope she & the dog have a lot of years left together but I fear not. The Lab is getting up there in years what with its sweet face with lots of white on its muzzle. They certainly look like they’ve enjoyed many good years already.

His Name Is Buzz

I met him, the very old man in the Jan 28 Mrs Kravitz Report!

As I was leaving for errands I saw him walking over by the mailbox center. I drove over there with the guise of checking my mail on my way out. I wondered how I’d get much past hello. I parked, got out & he got a HUGE smile & immediately gushed over my car. Turns out he had one back when he drove. Cars & pets are a great ice breaker.

His name is Buzz. He moved from Denver to Pueblo in 1928 when he was 8 yrs old. His wife passed away in ’02 & he is alone. I told him I would be more than happy to take him shopping or anywhere he needed & he got another huge grin & said, “Then I could ride in your car & we could pretend it’s mine!”