You Have What for Brains?

I watched a boy-racer car zip into the parking lot and come to a screeching halt. It had heavily tinted windows so I could not see the occupants. The car floored it to turn around and left the parking lot in a rush of screeching tires. Continue reading


The Suspect

On the local news the other night they were reporting on a robbery that occurred.

“The suspect is described as a medium build Hispanic male with dark hair. You are urged to call the police if you see this person or have any information”, the reporter said.

Looking out my window I do believe I see a guy that fits that description. Golly look, there’s another!

Missing Paper

My newspaper didn’t make it this morning so I reported the missing paper. They said paperboy put me on vacation hold because my papers were stacking up. I said that’s not me but my neighbor. She said, oh whoops.

They said they’d have the Missed Paper Dude bring one.

In a few, I get a call from a dispatcher saying missed paper dude can’t get in security gate to the complex. Across the parking lot I can see him at the gate. I give code & she relays it & he still can’t get in. I said if he called me on the callbox I could buzz him in. She said he can’t. I watch him toss the paper over the gate & drive off.

After he drove away, the gate opened.